Edible Oil

W Clay activated clays are utilized to absorb various impurities in crude oil and ensure good stability and longer shelf life in refined oil.


Edible oil is an  essential  commodity  in our everyday usage, it plays an important part of everybody's diet. The initial process of manufacturing these oil start from Oil Refineries, refining pure raw oils example from Palm Seeds, Soy Beans, Sun Flower seeds Coconut Kernels, Linseeds, Olive, Canola, Corn etc.


The W Clay Industries Bleaching Earth are used to pasteurise, absorb and separate the impurities during this process, but at the  same time maintain the essential properties of these sources, making  it  hygienically  clean  and  safe  for  human consumption, it also enhances longer shelve life of the edible oil found in Supermarkets, retail outlets and homes.



Non Edible Oils

W Clay activated clays widely used in refining mineral oils, paraffin oil and waxes. Increasing environmental awareness is one of the key driving forces toward the refining of mineral oils.

W Clay activated clay are essential in meeting the stringent requirement in the production of cosmetic and personal care products.